Zaneta McQuarter

Native to Seattle, Zaneta McQuarter is a member of the Lived Experience Coalition and has served the homeless community for almost a decade, making sure that no one has to experience feeling like they don’t exist. She understands and has experienced many of the situations and systems that impact homelessness – domestic violence, shelters, foster care, education, poverty, racism, and food instability. Zaneta’s life experience brings an essential perspective to the Governing Board, where she is passionate about sharing the voices of the unheard.

Zaneta experienced homelessness in 2010 after fleeing domestic violence with her four sons. She pressed charges against her abuser and found herself having to navigate both the homelessness and legal systems. Zaneta came to Mary’s Place Women’s Day Center for resources and returned as a volunteer once she found housing to continue to help the women she met there. She developed a search and application program to help them find stable housing and resources. At Mary’s Place, she was able to create healing and hope for women experiencing trauma, addiction, mental health issues, and more – in a safe, inclusive space.

Zaneta joined the Mary’s Place staff in 2011 and has served in various capacities, working with single women, families, and children. She currently works as a recruiter, helping to fill important positions at the organization, and is in the process of adopting a little girl to add to her family.

She served on the Seattle Public Schools Head Start Policy Council, including terms as Parliamentarian and President, as well as on the board of Samaritan, an organization that provides beacons to individuals experiencing homelessness that allows community members to provide needed help via a phone app. She currently works with Beautiful Soles, an organization in Snohomish County that helps to connect families to shelter and resources.