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Zsa Zsa Floyd
Director of Community Partnerships and Base Building

Director of Community Partnerships and Base Building


After experiencing too many years of homelessness, Zsa Zsa moved into Camp Second Chance in South Seattle, where she quickly became a respected leader and board member. She was trusted to mediate conflicts and counsel campers.

Zsa Zsa has since moved into permanent housing and continues to advocate for people experiencing homelessness. She began as a consumer advocate for the Community Advisory Group (CAG) of the Seattle/King County’s Health Care for the Homeless Network (HCHN),  where she now serves as Co-Chair.

By May 2020, a joint effort between the LEC and the HCHN  to inform the public about the Covid vaccine brought Zsa Zsa into the LEC, where she worked on the Vaccine Ambassador Program.  In April 2021, she was recognized as a Lead Community Organizer. By May, she was promoted to Senior Community Organizer for South King County and then, in June, promoted to  Director of Community Partnership and Base Building.